Relocating to Virginia or North Carolina

We can help you find the right community or neighborhood

  • There are so many great neighborhoods and communities in the Virginia Beach. When you're coming from outside the region, finding the right one is a challenge. We can help you understand all the options, from beautiful suburbs and subdivisions to city neighborhoods and specific condominiums. Our staff and our real estate professionals can provide you with insights into local schools, transportation, amenities and more. We know that these decisions really matter, and that's why more families chose us to help them move to Virginia Beach than anyone else.

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We can help you find the right agent

  • With over 400 professionals in the area, we can find the best person to assist you with your home search. We'll work with you to understand your move and help you choose someone who meets your needs. When you're ready to make a visit, they can also arrange for you to see specific neighborhoods and properties.

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We can help you with your transition

  • If you need temporary accommodations as you purchase or rent a home, we can assist you with a range of housing options. If you're on temporary assignment or part of a company relocation, we have a professional staff to help you plan and make your move.

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