Alyson Strickland, ASP®

I Understand...I Get It!


I understand that buying and selling a house creates one of life's major stresses...before and after the sale. Your life can't just stop because you are going to buy or sell a house. This is not your full time job BUT it is mine. I believe in First Rate Customer Service to make things easier for you and your family during this process.


As a former Event Planner, I understand that any change from your "normal" can be equally exciting and terrifying because of the unknown. Each moving event is unique, personal, and important to those involved and creates many deatils that demand attention to produce a relatively stress free transaction. Rather than being overwhelmed, you can lean on me because I understand.

I have developed great skills and expertise from years of event sales and planning; including Bridezilla weddings! That has allowed me to develop a high level of understanding the importance of customer service and communication that seems to be lacking in so many areas today. Through those years, I have also had to utilize my "eye" for decorating on a dime in order to style an event to create a dream to remember for a client; so, if needed, I can suggest a few changes with your exsisting décor that will make a big difference. I can also help you visualize how to easily transform your new house into a home that reflects your unique personality.


As my children's Girl Scout Troop Co-Leader, I follow the adage in life and business..."Be Prepared...ready to help out wherever needed, Willingness to serve is not enough; you must know how to do the job well, even in an emergency."