Homes by Gees Group

5700 Lake Wright Dr Ste 103, Norfolk, Virginia 23502

For over a decade, Gee's Group has established a reputation for designing, building and managing properties that our tenants are proud to call their offices, whether it is their corporate headquarters or a branch location. Because we go about our jobs a little differently then some others do. We set out from the beginning to partner with prospective tenants, listen to their concerns, receive input and respond to their needs. The result? Properties that fit tenant's needs so well it's as if they were custom built just for them. Gee's Group properties are known for landscaped and natural settings, and deluxe amenities like fitness centers and on-property caf├ęs. But our properties are planned with our tenants' practical needs in mind as well. Because we understand that the finest property with the latest amenities will be useless to anyone unless tenants can easily get there and get in. So every Gee's Group project begins with a keen focus on location and access. Is it easily accessible to major thoroughfares, and to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment? Then it's probably a good candidate for a Gee's Group site. And then there's the practical, everyday things about a building that makes it work for its tenants. Is building maintenance a major priority? At Gee's Group, our tenants' needs have always been and will remain our top priority. Because your success is why we're here. So whether you're looking to expand or relocate, we believe you haven't spoken to everyone until you've spoken to Gee's Group. As one of the region's fastest growing real estate development and management firms, we've experienced success only because we focus entirely on yours.

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