Friday Funny

We love weekends because they’re filled with so many real estate possibilities.  Open houses, beautiful models at New Homes sites, and many other opportunities to learn about real estate in Hampton Roads.  So get through today because Saturday and Sunday are going to be awesome.

Better days are coming.  They are called: Saturday and Sunday

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Top Ten RW New Homes Communities for August 2014

Here is the roundup for the Top Ten Selling Rose & Womble New Homes Communities in August.

1.  Summer Park, Stephen Alexander Homes: Tricia Hubbard and Bridgette Espinosa Site Agents

Stephen Alexander Homes

2.  Walker’s Bend, HH Hunt: Fran Spence and Kim Boykin Site Agents


3. Willow Pond/Madison Landing, Bishard Homes: Lois Schultz and Delores Ross Site Agents

5508 Mathis Place

4. Stockbridge at Tanglewood, Hearndon Construction, Melissa Ivey and Ray Bauer Site Agents


5. Riverbluff Estates, Platinum Homes, Suzanne Wells and Joann Pantas

River Bluff

6. Seasons at Cahoon, Platinum Homes, Rob Mitchell and Carmon Pizzanello Site Agents

Seasons at Cahoon

7. Carriage Homes at Lawson Hall, Corthin Residential, Lisa Kyriakides Site Agent

Lawson Hall

8. Affordable New Construction, DSF Development, Kelly Hollowell Site Agent


9.  Hampton Roads Crossing, Napolitano Homes, Nick White, Site Agent

Hampton Roads Crossing

10. Culpepper Landing, Vintage Homes, Joan Revell and Doreen Giuliano, Site Agents

Culpepper Landing

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Humpday Hot Property: 5016 Kings Grant at Kings Fork Farm in Suffolk, VA

Willow Model (1070) - 3-bedroom/2.5 bath, 1,905 sq ft, 2-story home. Upgraded cabinets with center island, Granite counter tops, Stainless Appliances, rear screened porch, 2-car Garage.

If you are looking for an affordable new home in a vibrant, yet secluded neighborhood in central Suffolk, you’ve come to the right place. Just off Godwin Boulevard, Route 58 and Kings Fork Road, yet convenient to nearby shops and recreation, as well as the numerous dining and entertainment options available, Kings Fork Farm is waiting.

Today’s home is 5016 Kings Grant Circle a 3 bedroom, 2 and 1/2 bath home, with granite counter tops, and an upgraded kitchen – plus a price tag of only $243,345 it’s such an affordable way to get a new home.

Want to know more about this or any of Rose & Womble’s New Homes? Just Ask Jen! 757-774-6999 or search on

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August Resale Award Winners Announced

These were the top Listing and Selling Agents in Rose & Womble’s Resale Division.

Top Sales Team: The PerfectHouse Team, Holland Road Office

The PerfecrHouse Team from Holland Road.

Top Sales Individual Agent: Tim Cochran, Lynnhaven Office

Tim Cochran, REALTOR®, Lynnhaven Office

Top Listing Team: Anna’s Home Team, Chesapeake Office

home team picture 3-12-2014

Top Listing Individual Agent: Cheryl Hickok, Lynnhaven Office


Top by Office

Beach Office: Top Sales: Diane Norton, Top Listing: Greg Hotta

Chesapeake Office: Top Sales: Wilkey’s Extreme Team, Top Listing Anna’s Home Team

Ghent Office: Top Sales Agent: Maureen Corra

Greenbrier Office: Top Sales: Clemens Team, Top Listing: Cathy Giambalvo

Harbour View/Suffolk Office: Top Sales: Ryan Benton, Top Listing: Sue Sanders

Holland Road Office: Top Sales and Top Listing: The PerfectHouse Team

Lynnhaven Office: Top Sales: Tim Cochran, Top Listing: Cheryl Hickok

Peninsula Office: Top Sales: Sandra von Schilling, Top Listing: Vince Cowling

Shore Drive Office: Top Sales and Top Listing: Sue Lentini


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How to Make the Most of Your New Homes Community Visit

We recently celebrated our third Open House Extravaganza of the year. It’s a weekend where our company hosted over 100 open houses for potential buyers to tour and meet our agents.

Our New Homes division also rolled out the open house signs and welcomed visitors to the variety of models ready for tour. But, in actuality Rose & Womble New Homes Division hosts open houses everyday with our amazing collection of New Homes Communities. From the spectacular views of the York River in Gloucester Point to the growing hub of Elizabeth City, North Carolina – Rose & Womble’s New Homes Division has every type of new home open to the public daily.  Their agents are trained to handle crowds or work with clients one-on-one, both showing off the model and explaining the new homes process. And just like a “traditional” open house, many times people will discover the community from the RWNewHomes website, from their buyers agent, or from driving around and seeing open house signs.

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Touring a new home community is a bit different, and very much the same, as touring an open house. Having a plan when touring a new homes site will help you get the right information and will hopefully lead you to finding the new home of your dreams.

Here are our tips for making the most of your visit to a new homes site.

1. Take a tour of the model and get to know the site agents

During Open House Weekend Doreen Giuliano is working with visitors in the Vintage Model at popular Culpepper Landing in Chesapeake, VA

During Open House Weekend Doreen Giuliano is working with visitors in the Vintage Model at popular Culpepper Landing in Chesapeake, VA

The site agents are your direct connection to the builder and an amazing resource in explaining everything from the timeline of builds and the differences between flooring options. They are on-site daily and know the neighborhood benefits and features. Plus they can introduce you to the neighbors. When you’re looking at the new home option the site agent is typically going to be working hand in hand to coordinate the sale and work with the builder for scheduling the build. Touring the model should give you a tour of the layout of the home, the features, and upgrades available. The idea is to give the buyer a chance to imagine what it would be like to live in that style of home.

2. The site agent is going to want some information


One of the jobs of the site agent is to track the traffic coming to the new home site. Often the agent will ask you to fill out a questionnaire that will include  finding out if you’re already working with an agent. Virginia law requires agents to ask that question. Other questions might include contact information, and how you discovered the property. Often your information is asked so that the site agent can follow up and keep you informed of new offerings, models, and incentives.

3. The site agent is going to ask for your time frame for moving

The time frame you plan on moving will help determine your new home needs.

This question is critical. One of the largest misconceptions of purchasing a new home is that it will take a long time to build. This is not always the case because sometimes builders and communities will have what is known as inventory homes. Inventory homes are ones that the builder has made and are typically 30-60 days away from being move-in ready. Sometimes you can purchase an inventory home and still pick finishes and paint colors, it’s a wonderful option that you should ask the site agent about. If you have a longer time frame then you can talk about reserving a lot and home style. Another good question is how many lots are still available. This helps you and the site agent realistically talk about the potential of your new home.

4. Let the site agent know if you have a home you have to sell

Having to list a home doesn’t have to be a barrier from reserving or beginning the process of your new home. The site agent can explain what options there are to still reserve the lot you want and if you need a recommendation thy can connect you with a resale listing agent. Often the builder will want to know that you already have your home listed but this varies on the builder and new homes site. Being upfront about this will help the site agent make recommendations.

5. Walk around the new community

A family touring Culpepper Landing during Open House Weekend.

A family touring Culpepper Landing during Open House Weekend.

This is just sound advice for any home purchase. Take a walk around the neighborhood, look at the amenities, what the traffic is like, and how you feel. Can you imagine yourself taking this walk regularly?  Does the community have good access to the clubhouse, pool, or other neighborhood offerings?

6. Arrange to meet with the preferred lender

Meeting with the preferred lender of a new homes site can lead to closing cost assistance, upgrades, and other items.

While you don’t have to use the preferred lender of the builder there are often buyer’s incentives that include closing costs, upgrades, and other items that come with using the preferred lender. The site agent can help arrange an introduction and an appointment.

7. The site agent will have a pack of hand outs with great information


This pack will often include floor plans, lists of materials, and community information. It is designed for you to look through at your convenience.

8. Ask to see some of the designer or appliance packages


One of the best and more popular things about purchasing your new home is picking out finishes and paint that fits your style and taste. Many builders will offer design assistance and you can arrange to have preview of available finishes and upgrade options.

9. Determine what features are the most important


Remember the model is designed to show you the ultimate options for this community. Make a note of what you love and ask the site agent what is standard versus an upgrade.

10. Ask about estimated cooling, heating and home maintenance costs


This should be asked for any home purchase – new or resale. One of the nicest things about purchasing a new home is that you know you’re getting the latest in items like windows, siding, roofing. This often leads to energy savings.



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Humpday Hot Property: 1413 Carrolton Way in Retreat at Greenbrier in Chesapeake

Active adult living couldn't be better in this popular Dogwood plan with downstairs master and additional 1st floor bedroom/office. Two-car garage, screened porch, patio, front porch for relaxing & loads of walk-in storage space.

There is no reason for an active adult community to feel like an old person’s home.  Retreat at Greenbrier is a community that thrives on great companionship and excellent care in building.  Today’s Humpday Hot Property is a beautiful home that feature a downstairs master plus additional downstairs bedroom, plus two more bedrooms upstairs.  With low maintenance and the convenience of being close to both Greenbrier and Kempsville sections of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach – well you couldn’t ask for more.


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100 Open House Staging Tips

The best 100 Open House Staging Tips to Get Your Home Sold #RoseandWomble #RealEstate #OpenHouses #Infographics

We’re gearing up for a great weekend of open houses. Here is a collection of great open house tips to get your home ready for its new buyers.

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Why Saving 3% Could Cost You

Saving 3% sounds awesome until you look at the numbers.  A license

It’s no surprise that when home sellers consider going the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route they do so to save on commissions typically paid for in a real estate transaction.  In fact according to many FSBO websites, this is the number one reason that sellers choose to go on their own.  But with any do-it-yourself project, listing your most important asset without representation could not only be risky but costly as well.

“A primary benefit of hiring a licensed REALTOR is for risk management,” said REALTOR® Jenni McFarland. “A full time seasoned professional does this for a living and the level of exposure a listing will receive attracts serious and qualified buyers.  Your REALTOR is required to be familiar with every step of the process as in market values, contract negotiations, disclosures and much more. There is no one better who can speak the language between attorneys, mortgage lenders, appraisers, and inspectors.”

According to an article published by, the average price of a home sold by the owner is $184,000 while on a national average the price of a home sold by an agent is $230,000.  The reason is pricing a home is both art and science – one that takes tremendous training to accomplish. And while the information on pricing can be found through court and real estate websites, understanding current market trends, neighborhood data, and other factors are where a real estate agent comes in handy.

The other challenge is the amount of disclosures required to sell a home.  And often FSBOs don’t consider this when placing their home on the market.

“We have over 28 disclosures with a few needing to be disclosed more than once and if a FSBO overlooks one required form or mandated disclosure it can cost you the sale of your house, the purchase of the next and possible lawsuits,” said REALTOR® Richard Calderon.

Agents at Rose and Womble go through pricing training and continued education to stay ahead of the market.  If you’re considering putting your home on the market it is wise to interview one of our agents who can come up with a great marketing and pricing plan.  For more help contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-695-7356 and our team can connect you with a great, professional REALTOR®.

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How to Organize Stuff Animals

The Best Methods for Organizing Stuffed Animals

We invited Virginia Beach Home and Organization Expert Amy Volk from Simplified Living to help us tackle one of the trickiest things to organize – stuff animals.  Today is National Teddy Bear day and its always a tricky subject and issue to deal with all those cute and cuddly creatures that seem to multiply in no time at all.  Here are Amy’s tips.


If you have kids, you also have stuffed animals. Some kids love them more than others-my daughter has over 75 “stuffies” in her closet and she isn’t willing to part with any of them! Over time, stuffed animals can take on a life of their own and you feel like they’re everywhere and you can’t contain them.

After doing some research, I have found my 3 favorite ways to store them and display them. All of these are simple to install or use and and very affordable plus they allow easy access to the animals and also make for easy clean-up.

The Toy Hammock

You can find these almost anywhere online and they come in several sizes. I love these because they get all the stuffed animals off the ground and make them easy to see.

They get all the stuffed animals off the ground and make them easy to see.

They get all the stuffed animals off the ground and make them easy to see.

Boon Stuffed Animal Storage Bag

This is just ingenious. This plush zipper bag can be stuffed with the stuffies and then zipped up. You can see them through the mesh and use them as stools & bean bag chairs in a bedroom! Just dump them out to use and stuff them back in when you’re done!

This plush zipper bag can be stuffed with the stuffies and then zipped up.

This plush zipper bag can be stuffed with the stuffies and then zipped up.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

Unlike the classic shoe pocket organizer, this organizer simply has elastic straps. It’s great to display the stuffed animals on a wall or a door and super easy to take out and use and also put them away.

this organizer simply has elastic straps. It’s great to display the stuffed animals on a wall or a door and super easy to take out and use and also put them away.

This organizer simply has elastic straps. It’s great to display the stuffed animals on a wall or a door and super easy to take out and use and also put them away.

Good Old Fashioned Shelf

Don’t forget that you can always display the stuffies on a shelf, but this is the hardest way to keep them from looking cluttered and messy.


About the author:

Amy Volk started Simplified Living, LLC in 2007  after years of being a Registered Nurse, corporate trainer & Direct Sales Leader. Amy has a passion for teaching you how to maintain a simplified life.  Her philosophy is based on the need for simplicity and de-cluttering in our “stuff-driven” culture. Amy and her team at Simplified Living also provide solutions to life’s everyday problems, including work-life balance!  You will find Amy on her regular segment of Organize Your Life” on The Hampton Roads Showspeaking  throughout our region, writing on her blog,  and hanging out with her twins and family.

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Help Support Families of Fallen Troops at Bowl-aThon

Screenshot 2014-09-05 14.08.19

The Rose & Womble Foundation’s Annual Bowl-a-Thon for our Military is fast approaching.  On September 21st we hope to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and Gold Star Moms.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, service and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following the events of September 11, 2001

American Gold Star Moms has a personal connection to Rose & Womble. The organization is a bereavement group for mothers of fallen troops.  Two of our very own, Mona Gunn, Resale Agent from Holland Road and Darlene Kelly from Property Management are members of Gold Star Moms because their children made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Mona’s son, Seaman Cherone L. Gunn was killed in the USS Cole bombing and she is featured in this video:

Darlene’s son, Army Sgt. Shawn Dunkin, was killed in 2007 by an IED attack in Iraq.  This is what Gold Star Mom’s means to Darlene:

“The Gold Star Moms have been an excellent support group for me.  These moms have also lost children while serving in the military and understand the pain I am going through because they are also going through it.  This pain never goes away.  We have come together as a group serving our military and veteran groups.  “All gave some – Some gave all” has a much deeper meaning to Gold Star Moms and Gold Star Families,” said Darlene.  “Please support the Rose and Womble Foundation and their Bowl-A-Thon so the good work can continue.”
Please consider organizing a team or supporting a team in sponsorship.  Last year several people brought teams from outside Rose & Womble making the day a huge success.   All proceeds from this event goes to these worthwhile charities.
For more information contact Julia Diehl at


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