Cookie Page

An Effective Realtor


Her Experience.  Since the beginning Cookie has had a real knack for selling real estate. She develops a special rapport with her clients that is the basis for a perfect working relationship. She has over 20 award winning years in the Million Dollar Sales Club (Circle of Excellence).


Her Know How.  Finding the ultimate home and selling a house for the right price takes in depth marketing and solid advice. Cookie has what it takes to accomplish it all - The Art Of The Deal - Whether you are buying or selling a first home, the family estate or a convenient condo, let Cookie accelerate the process.


Her Client Commitment.  A clients needs are of utmost importance. Cookie's commitment goes beyond dollars. Every transaction is an exciting challenge, no matter what the price.


Her Timely, Smooth Closings.  Keeping open lines of communication, leads to smooth closings. Staying on top of each transaction is imperative.


Her People Skills.  When tensions build and situations become too emotional, Cookie has a way of easing the stress. Everyone usually ends up laughing.


Her Communication Skills.  Listening is an important part of every process. Cookie helps her clients picture themselves in the perfect home.


Her Marketing Skills.


  • Homes Magazines, Real Estate Book
  • Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Book
  • Over 1,000 Post Card Mail Outs Monthly
  • Full page personal Beacon ads
  • "Property Trade Specialist"